Unable to change calendar

I am using the software for Nepal. I needed to change the calendar and use Nepalese Calendar can you please suggest me how to do that?

Manager do not support regional calendars.
you can set your language as per your preference and create a custom field to enter the date manually in addition to the standard Gregorian calendar.

Why not change your OS Calendar, if windows make your default calendar as your choice maybe that will follow by Manager cause it use your browser.

Is there any way I can code and put a calendar. I needed this for my accounting as in Nepal we require regional calendar.

you can only code themes which will only affect how the final document appears. it will not allow you to modify the forms.
your best option is to create a custom field and enter the date manually. you can then position this field anywhere on the document with custom theme. there is also a guide on this.

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Thank you will be doing as you suggested as of now.

You can also “code” email template, but I’m not sure if that will support calculation.