Please provide Nepali date option in date option

I am from Nepal where date format is different from English date one. You may find out Nepali date format from net. I would be thank full to you.

the Nepali date format is specific to the regional settings. Try changing your Language under Preferences. Else, I think this is not supported in Manager.

There are plenty of date formats to choose from under Preferences tab.

the Nepali date format is different from english Gregorian calendar (Anno Domini)(A.D).
The authorised date format for the office use in Nepal is Bikram Sambat.
There is an approximate difference of 57 years, 8 months and 16 days between these calendars.

I see. Well, the whole world is getting standardized on Gregorian calendar. At this point I don’t plan to support other calendars.

It would me help full for all Nepali user to use it.If you provide that date format if possible.

Maybe, if you set your language preference as Nepali, you can create a custom field and enter the date in it manually.

It doesnt have Nepali language option but have in case of currency one.

yes Nepali language is available although the translation is only around 29%.


Yes for booking keeping and accounting purpose nepali date is only allowed by government so i also request administrator to facilitate such option either developing in custom field …

The closest I have seen is GitHub - bahadurbaniya/Date-Converter-Bikram-Sambat-to-English-Date: Nepali Date converter - AD to Bikram Sambat, Bikram Sambat to AD, Nepali to English Date

However the current solution is as described above

From the developers perspective it is dubious that working on a calender used in one country would be efficient use of his time when other features underdevelopment are used by many more users in many countries. Clearly it is not my decision to make though.