UK Vat Return has lost MTD export option

Yes ignore NI as it’s not relevant to the discussion. Even ignore Brexit. All I care about is whether the tax codes in each box are correct. You are saying that they are apart from box 2.

I have removed the changes that I have made to the transformation report. So now I am back to the default.

Assuming that I don’t need to change boxes 3-9, what am I supposed to put in box 2 in the transformation report. I know that I need to put zero in the Vat return for the amount (or rather Manager does that for me), because I don’t trade with the EU. But currently there is no box because I need to put in a tax code.

Now if we are not using tax on sales import 5% and 20%, then what are we supposed to put into box 2 to make the box appear. The government have not asked us to remove the box. When I do the export it does not fill that box with 0. Therefore we need a tax code to go into box 2. What do I put there?

Boxes 2, 8 and 9 should all have a “0” value in them.
Personally, if I was faced with doing a return today, then I would just produce the csv file and manually edit box 2 in the absence of any value.
If you are claiming VAT on supplies (whether 5% or 20%), Manager will put that in box 4 for you just like it always has done.
Any VAT that you charge/collect from your customers, Manager will put in box 1 just like it always has done.
Boxes 3 and 5 are calculated by Manager for you.
Boxes 6 and 7 are where you net figures appear, again Manager does it for you just like always.

If you are operating a domestic UK business dealing in the UK only, then you have always had to disregard and not use any of the EU codes when entering ledger transactions. In this respect, noting has changed due to Brexit.

Sorry, you are not understanding what I am saying. I want to go into settings, report transformation, edit and put in the correct tax code for box 2 so that the box appears and when I do my reports, the amount is zero.

Even though I don’t trade with the EU, I just want the box 2 to appear in Manager and have the amount as zero instead of having to edit the csv file. All I need to know is what tax code to put into report transformation in settings. That way, I can upload the report transformation to github and Lubos can implement the change for all UK users.

@dalacor if the field should be always zero (no tax code applicable anymore), then just enter "0" instead of selecting tax code. This will force zero.

I have just tried that. It won’t let me 0 into the box in report transformation. It forces me to put in a tax code. If there was a tax on sales at 0% that would also fix the problem.

Make sure to start with quote " character before entering zero. That’s the trick to be able to insert literal text.

That seems to have fixed it, so that the report shows zero.

Just so that you know, it shows it like this. The Zero shows, but not in a box.

I have tried to upload my VAT return to Tax Optimiser but get this error message.

This was not an issue before the Manager update. I am assuming the form needs to be updated to specify that it is a number not general?

Does this help

I had assumed that Tax Optimiser had updated the Manager template. I had to update the fields manually. That has fixed the problem. Not sure why they have not updated the template as they have been requested to do so.

I have tried entering “0” but it still leaves a blank field. When I enter it is says no matches found. Why is there no option to select "Tax on Sales - 0% EU in the ?

Type "0 and then you select from dropdown "0"

Thanks lubos.