Why tax codes are named like this?


Shouldn’t that be VAT 0%, VAT 18%, VAT Exempt?

You should create some realistic transactions to demonstrate how these tax codes are used. Especially on invoices. Then view these invoices and see if the naming of tax codes is appropriate.

That message above indicates how we do our monthly Value Added Tax (VAT) returns or filings with Uganda Revenue Authority and the very reason I set them up in Manager Localization for Uganda.

Tax codes in Uganda localization should be named

  • VAT 18%
  • VAT 0%
  • VAT Exempt

The form you need to fill out can be contructed regardless how your tax codes are named.

Noted and will be actioned as you instruct.

How can I contribute to Kenyan localization?

you could request a localization for Kenya in the below topic.