Please can you add QR Code for Receipts and Payments

QR Code for Receipts and Payments

Paid by
Mode of receipt

Mode of payment

@fobi I realised you created custom fields called “Mode of Receipts” and “Mode of Payment”. I don’t think it is appropriate. If you will enter custom fields, kindly enter the ones which are generally required by users. Organisations can enter their own custom fields to suit their needs.

QR code is not legally required in Ghana but we would be happy to have it on Sales invoices, Receipts and credit notes.

These tax codes have been entered for Ghana.


I thought of adding a modified Code for Tourism Enterprises (VAT18.5% + Tourism Levy 1%) and communications service providers (VAT18.5% + CST 5%) but I don’t think we should have many tax codes there. Over 90% of the organisations likely to use Manager in Ghana will be okay with the codes we have there now and besides tax rates frequently change in Ghana.

That’s not a problem. I think they should be there but marked as Inactive. This means when someone needs it, they can simply make it active rather than trying to figure out how to create one from scratch.

I will add them back. There will be a budget reading in a few days time. Tax rates are going to be changed, introduced or removed so we will wait a bit before we conclude our tax codes for localisation.

@Abeiku there will be always some impending change to something. I don’t think we should be waiting for anything because nothing will be set in the stone forever anyway.

This is actually good test to see how future-proof and resilient localization model actually is. It should handle changes in legislation gracefully. So if there is any impending change, we should still implement localization as it is now. And then when change is passed, update localization which will serve as a good test to see how the model handles very common scenario which will be coming up perpetually.

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Tax codes and report transformations have been created and published for Ghana.

Shouldn’t we reverse signs on purchase amounts?

There is pseudo reporting category called Reverse signs which will multiply these amounts by -1.

It has been done.

Great. Thanks.

I don’t think we should be using Monthly prefix on reports.


The reason is that reports can be generated for whatever period. So they are more like “worksheets”. Other than that - I do not see any issues.

All corrected.