UAE invoice format

How to do custom invoice like this…
Anybody heLP in create custom theme like this…

Just put your TRN under Business Details under Settings and enable the built-in UAE tax code and apply it on line items. No customization is required.

The Price shown on each line line item is including VAT. Which is not the default in UAE Tax Code.
Also if amounts inclusive of tax is selected the amount before VAT is not shown.

The price on each line item will depend on “your” selling method.
If you are selling tax exclusive (price with out tax) then you enter the Price and the VAT will be added separately, however if you are selling tax inclusive (price including tax) then you enter the total price.

That’s correct because that’s what you asked for - tax inclusive,

Also, see this Guide: Manager Cloud.

Mr Tut, Sorry to say whatever you are writing it doesnt fulfil the requirements as per sample invoice. We have to customise it. If we select tax inclusive then 2 amounts are showing, one is total amount and Vat amount. But we need another amount which is ‘Amount Before VAT’ that is not available if I select vat inclusive. Please suggest us if you have any Idea.

Well, the sample invoice really makes no sense, because it lists tax-inclusive prices for line items, then magically shows a total before VAT. Then it lists how much VAT is included to produce an overall total. It also does not list the percentage tax rate, so no one could verify that the tax invoice is correct. I don’t know the source of this sample invoice, because I cannot find it on the FTA’s web site. Nor is any such information contained in Cabinet Decision No. (52) of 2017 on the Executive Regulations of the Federal Decree-Law No (8) of 2017 on Value Added Tax. Such an invoice would not satisfy requirements in any of the other countries using VAT tax schemes. And, as I read the regulations for UAE, it would not satisfy yours either.

Nevertheless, as clearly explained in the Guide linked to above, you can show the amount before VAT is applied by leaving the box Amounts are tax-inclusive unchecked.

As long as the price being entered is also the before VAT price, however it appears that they want to enter the tax inclusive VAT price, but as pointed out with regards to the sample invoice:

You are correct, pointing out another point on which the sample invoice shown makes no sense. Although it has information about the UAE’s FTA website, it doesn’t match FTA rules. Notice that FTA is cited as the source, but the copyright is for Gulf News. I suspect this was some journalist’s misguided attempt to explain the new law.

Invoice Rules PNG

h. For each Good or Service, the unit price, the quantity or volume supplied, the rate of Tax and the amount payable expressed in AED.

I guess we are complying point (h) as above. Not sure about point (k) for exchange rate

@keegan, as you can see in the pic you posted:
point “h” requires amounts payable for each item.
point “i” discounts offered.
point “j” gross amount payable (which is the final amount payable).
point “k” tax payable.

All of the above the shown in manager.

There is no mention of showing sub total amount and then gross total amount. Final gross amount is fine as per the law. Gross amount payable means the amount total to be paid before any tax deductions that you have to pay. This is the same case here.



If any customisation is required, you can go to “Settings” followed by “Custom Field” followed by Sales Invoice Line or Sales Invoice. Customise according to your needs and FTA Requirement.
You can also mention Amount in Words, Notes, VAT In-co terms (Standard = S, Zero = Z, Exempt = E, all if you want to show. However, the need is unnecessary.)

Further, Manager fulfils all requirements of FTA (Providing Tax Invoice as a Heading, showing VAT 5% Amount displayed Inclusive or exclusive as per requirements) .

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@arul_k Go to “Customers” Section, edit each customer, and type TRN XXXXXXXXXXXXXX Where it shows Business Identifier.

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