UAE FTA's Prescribed Format for VAT Return File


Does (for all the Versions) is VAT Compliance to UAE FTA’s requirements? Is it able/capable to generate the VAT return file as per the prescribed format which businesses can upload in FTA’s e-tax portal?

Thank you a lot


any chance that it will ?

I have no knowledge about that. But there are very few national worksheets available, and no national filing forms.

Under UAE VAT, the first VAT return is due on 28th Feb, 2018, which will be filed by those businesses for whom the monthly VAT return is applicable. The businesses are required to file VAT Return online using the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) portal. The FTA portal is designed to accept the returns only through online mode as offline capabilities to file Vat in uae return through XML, EXCEL or any other utility are currently not available.

Manager support submission of electronic documents in several countries via their localisation. In all cases I’m aware of this is done via the users submitting the Manager formatted data to a third party who then submit it to their government.

What companies offer this service in the UAE? Do they support cvs (comma separated values) file uploads? A local doing some research may increase the chances of Manager supporting UAE. I believe in the longer term such functionality will be generated entirely by local users writing localisation for Manager.