Trying to understand VAT

I’m going round in circles trying to drill down on VAT

I click on VAT calculations and that gives me the figures that I have to declare but I can’t click on them in order to find out how they were worked out. I then create a Tax Transactions report but only the Total Purchases is clickable. I then create a Tax Reconciliation report and both the Tax collected and Tax Paid are clickable. When I click on Tax Paid this lists all the payments and each one can be clicked on to open it up. However, when I click on Tax Collected it lists all the Sales Invoices which are included but none of them are clickable. It does list a date - and that date doesn’t correspond to the date of any of my Sales Invoices.

Can someone point me in the right direction please?

If you are generating VAT report on cash-basis then transaction dates will be based on when customer paid for invoice rather than when invoice was issued.

Anyway, the best report to analyze figures is Tax Summary which allows to drill-down.