Transpose Statement of changes in equity Report format

Currently the statement changes in Equity is presented like below

I however think the report can be made simple to avoid users from scrolling down to see items on the report if the statement format is turned around to the format below which represents a turned around presentation of the above statement

The above will be displayed on a Landscape paper similar to how Payslip reports are displayed

Your suggested format makes it impossible to add comparative columns. It would also result in this financial statement being in a different orientation from others with which it might customarily be grouped, all of which are in the vertical, or portrait, format. That would make for awkward reading of financial reports.

The balance sheet is enough to display the changes in equity that users want from a comparative financial statement.

There is equity section in a balance sheet and can display comparative report for balance sheet, that is totally enough for users who want to be analysing changes in equity for two periods.

The current reporting style makes the statement so crowded and may be ignored or may be seen as ‘something for the accountants to look’ for many users. Statement of changes in equity doesn’t really need comparative years (balance sheet report takes care of that)

The equity report shows the expense claims for the owner. However they are not sorted by date :frowning:

If you are using the Expense Claims module correctly, the Statement of Changes in Equity report will lump together all transactions with matching descriptions, such as “Expense claims clearing.” Some entries in the report are fixed, such as Balance at beginning of period. The entries that vary from report to report are in alphabetical order, not date order.

Capital Accounts Summary has the format you propose for Statement of Changes in Equity.

The reason why I didn’t use that format for changes in equity is that sub-accounts are not shared by individual equity accounts. So the report would stretch horizontally if many sub-accounts are used (especially if they have long names).

The current format will stay. Maybe in future, I can offer both layouts and you can use the compact layout if it’s viable.