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Dear Sirs,

i want to see the Transactions of Cost of sales for an Inventory Items. in Inventory Items->Transactions-> i just could see the Qty on hand and Balance. in fact i want to see how the system calculate the Cost of sales and get the Profit Margin. because i use the different currency and wants to see exact exchange rate which system use.

thanks for your assistance


The system calculates the cost of sales by using the inventory item’s Average Cost and multiplying it by the number of units on the sales invoice. The Profit Margin in the sales invoice value less the cost of sales.

E.g. if you sell 6 items for 50 each and the average cost is 30 then the sales value is 300 (6 x 50), the cost of sales is 180 (6 x 30) and the profit margin is 120 (300 - 180).

To see the default exchange rate being used, create a “Test” inventory item and then create a purchase invoice in the foreign currency for that item. Now go to that Inventory Item tab and look at the “Total Cost” value which will be in the local currency and calculate.

If you want to set /use a different exchange rate then go to Settings > Exchange Rates.
The Manager default exchange rates are only installed as a starting point and don’t necessarily represent current exchange rates.

PS - don’t forget to delete Test purchase invoice.


Many thanks for your reply,
i use this system for a year and know more or less every menus. but i need to see exactly the cost transaction for each inventory. the quantity is written in transaction but the amount is not. so i need how i can see amount transaction. is there any Custom Reports.


Wouldn’t the cost transaction be the Purchase Invoice ?

Where about (or what process) is the quantity written in but the amount is not ?


it is purchases invoices, fright invoices, even journal entries.


Inventory Items-> choice a Qty on hand for an items --> you will see the Transactions, the title of pages :

Date - Transaction - Contact - Description - Qty on hand - Balance

but i need the amount and amount balance as well.


Ok, now I understand. On the Summary tab, click on the Inventory on-hand blue figure.
You will see a list of Inventory Items, click on the blue figure for the Inventory Item and you will see a list of transactions relating to that item


many thanks in advance but it is Inventory on hand but i want to see this transaction reports for products which i sold or in our hand.
there is an option which i can delete last sales invoice and see the all transaction but it is funny way to get this very simple report!!!


Why don’t you backup the business and re-import it with a different name, then you can delete what you want without affecting real business.

Also, Manager is a “live” accounting system so everything works around all the transactions for the current inventory position, you can’t select just sales or just purchases transactions.


thanks again.