Transaction Clearing Account -Interaccount Transfer

Many of my imported transactions from my bank are actually interaccount transfers (IAT), so I allocate them to the Transacction Clearing Account (TCA).

When edit from with the TCA, I have to leave this page to enter a new IAT, memorising or copy and pasting some to the transaction details. Then I have to go back to the TCA and delete 2 transactions.

Can an easier method be considered? Say, having an option from within TCA to create a new IAT, or “convert” then one already there.

If you have two account say Account A and account B with inter-account transfer from A to B in them

When you import the transactions from account A one of them will be the inter-account transfer to account B. This will post to the credit of account A and a credit entry in the clearing account

When you import the transactions from account B one of them will be the inter-account transfer from account A. This will post to the debit of account B and a debit entry in the clearing account

The clearing account will be balanced - no need to delete anything

All this is explained and illustrated in the Guide: Post inter account transfers from imported bank statements | Manager.

I see, the TCA grows continuously. So use IAT for manual transfers within Manager and TCA for imports.
OK, thanks.

No, it does not. Read the Guide again. By definition, clearing accounts are intended to have zero balances over the long term. The key is to have bank rules posting both withdrawals and deposits from both bank accounts to the same clearing account. Deposits cause the clearing account to grow. Withdrawals cause it to shrink. As long as you import both bank accounts and have designed your bank rule correctly, the clearing account will zero out as soon as you’ve imported statements from both bank accounts covering the transfer.

He may have meant the that number of entries in the account grows rather than the balance?

Yes, precisely.

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Hi again

I set up a TCA specifically for my Paypal transactions and I understand the process behind TCA.
Within "Receipts and Payments " and “Interaccount Transfers” the origin, or destination of the Cash Account can be cleartly identified. However, this is not the case for TCA. It is, therefore, not easy to ensure Payments and Receipts tally.

I feel the accounts should be displayed in the column, or at least have a mechanism to pait up identical receipt and payments for cross checking.

I hope this is clear but enclose some screen shots to clarify.


Sorry, you have lost me here - I do not understand what you are showing us

Perhaps explain how you got to each of the screen images and what each of the screen images is showing underneath or above each image.

My apologies.
The Paypal Clearing Account screen shot was taken before I updated Manager. No the same display shows account info for each transaction- the same thing I was requesting to be added!

Before upgrade:

After Upgrade:

Account column now shown

So all is ok now.
Thanks for the interest.