Tracking Codes Report with regards to Special Accounts and Balance Sheet

Hi @lubos. If you refer back to original posting. I guess the main reason
is not one for balance sheet reporting but more tracking codes reporting.
I am more on about movements by tracking code by date range, then about the
Balance sheet as a whole and in this instance the detail i want to report
on is enclosed in the bal sheet movements not the p&l.

Tracking codes can be job costing codes for example . If all jobs costs are
strickly p&l related then the need to include the bal sheet is totally
unnecessary agreed. But if some of the movements are bal sheet related
say wip ( work in progress) or say retention withheld on invoices raised
that won’t be phyically paid by the customer until one yr after the date of
partical completion as it is called. This money is withheld legally for a
period to ensure work completed is done in a manner that is of the standard
expected, if any failures due to workmanship in that 12 mth period then the
retention held money can be used to fix the problem by the customer. This
is how things work in the construction industry.
I could have multiple jobs ( tracking codes) on the go at the same time for
multiple customers. If i wanted to run a tracking code report on a Customer
for a specific time period to know total amounts of retention withheld then
tracking codes will do the job perfectly.

This is just one example , my original intention for use is for a less
conventional purpose but the princilpe and reasoning stands. I could set up
muliple accounts and maybe use special accounts but the simplest approach
is just allowing tracking codes to bal sheet accounts if that is an easy
ask of you and the development team. Some of the big player software do
this already so my request is not unique.

Please just give it your consideration and weight up the pros and cons. I
will accept the outcome as no if it is of too little benefit to manger and

Thanks for your time in considering my request.

ps As always, thank you sincerely for developing this software for me and
my clients it has become a essential tool for accounting and informstion

I should of added in previous reply, the reporting is what is important.
The total retention held is a form of debtor but not part of the debtors
reporting as it will be posted to a retentions withheld account and held
for 12mths not trade debtors so i will only need to know total debits for
that client x date range x tracking code. It is not effecting the
integrity of the bal sheet but allowing for a way to report in a more
detailed way on the information contained on the transactions at time of
data entry similar to the p&l.

Hi brucanna

Thanks for the in-depth reply and agreed with in full except the final
part. Yes all I am looking for is gen ledger reporting but with ability to
have tracking codes when entering the transactions to allow for an
additional filter to mine the tranactions to report on a specific need,
which in part is what tracing codes do in the p&l , generate a report from
the data. In the p&l it gives a profit ir loss outcome. In the balance
sheet it will give a blow by blow account on the movements and totals
debits and credits to give a net movement of that account by tracking code
. The debits and credits dont need to be same obviously as the difference
is the increase or decrease of the asset or liability for that tracking
code for that period. Useful to the end user and relevant. In the example
of the retentions withheld I mentionef above ,if a dispute on what was
withheld and when ,this kind of report would do the hard yards in a matter
of seconds,remembering I could have muliple tracking codes(jobs) from
muliple customers all being posted to that one account. Why not allow
manager to produce the report without need to export to excel and filter if
it is simple to implement. If it is not simple to do and user need is nil
then excel will be my only option . To me manager can do it better and
faster than an export to excel.

I am simply asking it to be considered.

Appreciate your valued viewpoint.

@hayz, there is one feature that is coming and that will be specifically designed to manage Jobs. Currently, tracking codes are being used by many people to track jobs but proper job management feature will have Work in progress account where costs will be accumulated and some liability account to track payments from customers until jobs are completed (or closed).

It does seem you are talking about similar mechanism what I’m already thinking to implement. So let me do that first and then let’s revisit sometime in towards end of January when jobs functionality is added.

Hi @lubos . sounds great to me. I look forward to how you can get this to work within manager.
Your commitment to having a proper Jobs functionality is very desirable however as I know I would use it for some clients in a heartbeat.

As a side note, for me in this instance the need is not attached to a job as such but more to have tracking codes reporting to include Bal Sheet accounts . at present tracking codes reporting is very limited. If the functionality of reporting could be enhanced to what I am suggesting then my needs are met so perhaps both will still need to be implemented?.. like you said do step 1 (Jobs) and see if we still need step 1a. I mention it because you may be able to plan to already have the 1a functionality in step 1