Tracking code not available in 21.4.81

When i import bank statement, if it does not have any relevant rule, it goes into suspense account of the balance sheet. It will be shown as unreconciled in the bank summary place where i can click on the number of items for which there as no bank import rule. Then i allocate manually or create a new bank rule and the dr/cr goes to those account. Now i cannot do that at all. All non rule based entry goes into the suspense in the balance sheet. Hope my screen print is relevant for your consumption

Your screen shot is not useful. It shows nothing about what you have written. The question asked of you was what your use case is for assigning tracking codes to balance sheet accounts.

i have written business rules to classify the import of entries through bank rules. In case if there is no business rule for the import, it goes to the suspense account which is a balance sheet item.

I review the import when the suspense account balance high and some of them could get allocated to a p&l account.

i can now write a residual business rule to state that all unreconciled import shall go to a p&l suspense account and then i can re-allocate. That is for the future, but existing balance will be stuck

i am attaching an unreconciled bank entry which is an expense and i must assign to a tracking code. Now i cannot assign as system by default puts in suspense account and till the previous version, i could change to expense account with reference to a tracking code.

Hope i have answered your question

thanks. sorry for inconvenience, when i selected an p&l account, tracking code does come and i could move the suspense balance entries to p&l.

As a data consitency, whether it is p&l or b/s, i assign a tracking code. at this juncture, it is not of use to me, but if feel in future, if i can take b./s on basis of tracking code, i will the consistent data inside the system. So i feel you could keep in open. Just a submission for consideration

In other words, you have no current use case. Since there is no use case, you should not expect tracking codes to appear when you assign balance sheet accounts. The possibility that you might think up a reason in the future is not adequate justification.

Tracking code is gone. my work is manly depends on tracking codes. I tried everything but now it doesn’t work. When I tried to open my files on previous version of software, it didn’t open. Can they bring tracking codes back if we report?

  1. We want to do Profit and Loss Sharing with share holders. (Which share holders are only applicable for a particular project)
  2. Collect investment for particular project (Tracking Code).
    So, we need tracking code for the balance sheet also.

@lol_world, did you read the entire thread? See post #3.

@Mahfuzur_Rahman, you should use capital subaccounts for what you want, set up to match your tracking codes.

Look tracking codes for balance sheet accounts are disabled.
Tracking codes were enabled before this update for balance sheet accounts.
Tracking codes were very helpful for me to create my custom reports and for different expenditure I made on assets.

Do you know why they disabled tracking codes for Balance Sheet Accounts?
If they enable tracking codes for Balance Sheet Accounts, It will be very helpful for me.
I have to make a whole new system for my work, which is very time consuming. I have to make accounts and other stuff for my business.
Otherwise its a great software, even better than top accounting software.

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Tracking codes were disabled for balance sheet accounts because the program has always ignored them, as was already explained.

Sorry for bothering You.
Can tracking codes will be enabled again for balance sheet accounts, it may be ignored by program but it is still a very useful feature for me and maybe for some other people.
As I mentioned before that I use tracking codes for custom reports for my business.
I will be very grateful, if tracking codes are enabled for balance sheet accounts.

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Thank You for Your replies, they were very helpful.

Agreed. I also need tracking code for balance sheet.

Yes, tracking code is mainly for profit & loss accounts, But since it has been enabled for B/S accounts in the previous versions, We used that helpful tool with balance sheet accounts and built our own custom reports, So I see their’s no gain of disabling it with balance sheet accounts, please leave that option up to us because it was and will be very helpful for us.
@lubos @Tut

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Isn’t Custom Reports a built-in report, it being listed under the Reports tab, it’s just that Users determine the reporting parameters instead of being pre-set (fixed) by Manager.

It is clearly evident from the various comments above and in other related topics that quite a number of Users have adopted BS Tracking Codes, because they were "always" available, to assist them in there various workflows and the “built-in Custom Reports” provided reports on those workflows.

And this has been acknowledge by @lubos in the topic “Tracking Code” missing in multiple forms with “OK, I get it now. So this is not as much of a reporting issue. It’s more of a workflow issue where you record tracking code during purchase”

Manager, as it did with the BS account removal from Non-inventory items, has now disrupted / stripped / pulled the rug from under those User workflows for no valid reason, even though Manager itself has enabled Users the flexibility to develop those workflows over the past 5 years of so.

So once again, either Manager doesn’t understand the power and flexibility of its own software that it has provided to Users, or it is acting without regard to how it disrupts / interrupts Users with the withdrawal of a feature previously and legitimately provided.

To be quite frank, I don’t buy the bulls…t about screen space being saved as it’s nonsense.
Firstly, Tracking Codes ONLY appeared if Tracking Codes were activated.
Secondly, once a P&L account is selected the Tracking Code appears even though that P&L account may not require a Tracking Code entry, so where is the screen space being saved.
Thirdly, saving screen space just for BS entries seems in to be inconsequential.

If Tracking Codes were tied to precise P&L account then the argument may have some basis but then why should Users be handcuffed to such a restrictive restraint.

In my opinion, Manager is becoming increasingly restrictive from a User input perspective without any accounting justification, yet it is an accounting software, If Manager had introduced divisional and/or project accounting features with this withdrawal of BS Tracking Codes then the change would be understandable, but it didn’t, therefore BS Tracking Codes should be re-instated until they are available.

Then perhaps, a conversion facility could be provided for historical data. And for the forum purist who want to argue, BS Tracking Codes were never intended, that is bl…dy irrelevant.

I am going to duplicate this post into other related topics.


I completely agree. I don’t see any valid reason to reduce the flexibility of the software.


Few days ago I upgraded manager to v21.5.31 and I found that you disabled tracking code for B/S accounts, I have been using manager for almost two years now and I’m depending on tracking code in many custom reports that I built, and now I can’t do that anymore, So could you please enable it again as it was.