Tracing sold inventory item back to supplier


Is it possible to trace back when a specific item in inventory was purchased (by which customer), sold (by which supplier) and its quantity?


In order to do this, you would need to create new inventory item every time you purchase new inventory. Then you could get list of transactions per inventory item which would include relevant invoices.

I imagine some companies dealing with food would do it this way so they can easily notify customers in case of supplier recall. For most businesses, this would be an overkill.


How do I see the list of transactions relevant to specific inventory item?


The latest version (14.3.22) now allows in Inventory Items tab to click on amount under Qty column which will give you list of all transactions which have increased or reduced quantity of specific item.


I’m speechless. Thank you very very much. I have to admit i’m very impressed by the speed of your updates and responses.