Total Items Sold issue

We sold Gas in KGS, Total KGS Shown in Invoice but not in Customer Ledger, please kindly address the problem

What do you mean by “Customer Ledger” ?
There is nothing in Manager called “Customer Ledger”
Please use terminology from Manager so that we can understand what the issue is

Even better, post a screen shot of what you would like to see

Total by Items Sold not Showing in Statement. only showing Debit & Credit

We want that total by Items in all customer statement details, Also Sales invoice by total only showing Amount not showing Quantity.

A statement is just a list of the debits (invoices usually) and credits (receipts usually) made to a customer during the period chosen

There is no provision in Manager to add individual line items totals as you would like to a statement

How we can see total by Items Sold by Customers ? Sales Invoice by total also not Showing the items by KGS, Only Showing the Sales Items Value.

You can get this information by using sales invoices lines feature in the sales invoices screen.

And then using advance search feature for particular customer and item in the sales invoices screen.