Toggle Auto Fill Default Description on Sale Invoice and Purchase Invoice

Right now we have to add details like (item name, quantity and price per unit)of the items sold and purchased manually in the default description box(Sale invoices /Purchase invoices). to be appeared in the customer/supplier statements

It will be much less hassle to have a toggle on off option to auto fill default description box with the items sold/purchased (item name, quantity and unit price) in Sale Invoice and Purchase Invoice (to appear in statements precisely)

Thank you!

None of the content you mention belongs in either the summary-level Description field of an invoice or the line-level Description field for a line item. Item name, quantity, and unit price all have their own separate fields.

Further, customer and supplier statements do not report line-items. They list transaction-level totals only.

It is not clear what you actually are doing, but it sounds like you only use invoices with single line items.

I understand statements are transaction level totals. Although I need description of items with transaction totals in the statement. Like a customer ledger which includes all detailed summary of items (name, qty, unit price) and transactions with totals.

There is no way to obtain that in a Customer Statement. As you know, based on your post in another thread, a suggestion to add that capability was added to the ideas category by the developer over three years ago.