Thirdparty payment on behalf of customer and receive with service charge

Hi, Greetings.
Someone pls help.
I am running a service firm and frequently make payments (mostly, bills) from my bank account on behalf of my customer. How can I record this transaction in manager and receipt of this amount with a service charge?


Have you looked at the guide Record billable expenses

This would seem to fit your requirement

Dear Joe,
Thanks for the response.
i am not well versed with accounting terminology, kindly explain procedure.


Did you read the Guide, @alithottasseri? It explains the procedure completely, including illustrations and examples. And it links to a companion Guide on how to invoice billable expenses. If you cannot understand it because of terminology, what terms do you not understand?

Dear @Joe91 , @Tut
It is working fine with billable expenses.
Thanks for your assistance.

One more thing pls.
on the subject, I make payments to various third parties on behalf of customer.
Can i add sub accounts to billable expenses to keep account of each biller.


No. But if you enter your billable expenses using purchase invoices, you will be able to track purchases from each supplier. You could add a custom field to your purchase invoices to indicate whether they are billable expenses. Set the field to show as a column and such entries will show in the Purchase Invoices list.