Tax Reconciliation Report

I am wondering if there has been a change in the Tax Reconciliation Report Capability? I have previously set up two stand alone businesses (2019) and successfully used the Tax Reconciliation Report to track GST payments from previous periods and outstanding Tax still due.

I recently set up a third business for a client (2020) and despite using the same basic chart of account setup and linking up the tax codes codes identically the Tax Reconciliation Report simply shows up blank?

What am I doing wrong? is there something else I should know? the only difference I can put it down to might be that this is a new version to the 2019 installs?

  • Check there are tax transactions in the period you are doing a reconciliation report

  • Check in your tax codes you have selected a BS (typically Liability) account to post tax to see Create and use tax codes | Manager

  • Check this account contains tax posts

The big change that is probably related was that taxes are no longer posted to a default, Tax payable, account. Now, you must choose your own tax liability accounts for every tax code. That is explained in the link @patch sent. This is something you did not formerly need to do, which is why he mentioned it.

Thanks for the link @Patch and the note @Tut. I have double checked…

*There are transactions in the period I am wanting reported
*My GST Sales and GST Purchases Tax Codes both have corresponding BS accounts that I can see on the summary page and the balances are correct so they are posting correctly.
*When I select the Tax Reconciliation report it still shows up blank. (it is also blank for any date period I select)

I wondered @Tut if the tax codes didn’t automatically default to Tax payable now and instead post to the user defined BS Tax accounts if the Tax Reconciliation report knows which Tax Codes to report on?

I did try simplifying the codes to just a default BS Tax payable and one Tax Code but the Tax Reconciliation Report still shows up blank.

All other the other Tax reports work (Tax Summary, Tax Transactions, Tax Audit etc)