Tax Payable

Hi, I’m trying to do a payment directly on Tax payable account and to add it in the Journal entries but it doesnt show, can you please help

See more specifically:

In Manager, most transactions are entered in other functional tabs, thereby automating many decisions about account posting and reducing errors. So journal entries are relatively few. Most record transfers between accounts. In fact, no transaction involving the actual receipt or payment of funds by a business can be recorded via a journal entry.

You need to use the Payment tab against the tax payable account you created.

Consult the guide about taxes, search the forum for tax payable or placeholder account.

Even if I do a payment it does not appear

I also needs to be shown in journal vouchers there are some transaction like custom declarations need to be recorded via entries

you search for “rax payable” rather than “tax payable”. You also seem to ignore the comment regarding Journal entries. Your instrument for clearing accounts is by using Payments.