Tax handling idea

So if I go to Reports → Tax Summary I can see how much tax I’m due to pay for a given period.

I think it would be nice to have an option to set default tax periods and due dates, so when I see the report I can see the due date and maybe even be able to link the transaction there, in a way similar to the mini-statement we have on invoices, on when the due tax was paid.

A while back I was thinking of similar idea. Currently the way Manager lumps up “lodged” tax liabilities and “unlodged” (is that a word?) tax liabilities is not very user-friendly. It would make reconciling figures with tax authorities easier.

Would something akin to pending/cleared in bank transactions be relevant? Just a random thought.

Unless I’m misunderstanding you I suspect what you’re requesting is reports supporting relative time periods not just specific user set dates. A feature I would appreciate for most reports.

This financial year could be offered if each business has a start of financial year setting.
From which quarters could also be calculated.
There maybe several other commonly used relative periods.

After which users could continue to reuse report definitions as the relative periods would remain relevant.

For me not an essential feature but it would be good to have.

This could also apply in areas like BAS (for Aus, sorry @patch I have no idea where you are from)