Tax Code Custom not showing

Hi, I am setting up Manager on our office but when creating tax code and selecting custom, the component dropdown did not appear. What to do? thanks

can someone help me? thanks

You need to provide more data about your setup such as operating system, desktop, network or cloud, version of Manager. You can search on installing Windows 10 (I am not Windows user) as you need to have something called Webview installed as well to get the forms (views) properly functioning. There are loads of posts regarding such.

I am using desktop version 21.3.44, on window 10 computer

Do you have webview2 runtime installed?

yes webview is installed during the Manager installation

Account dropdown is also not showing

Download latest version (21.3.44 is already surpassed)

yes I already downloading it, I just downloaded the 21.3.44 yesterday :slight_smile: thanks hope it will work now

It’s working now thanks for the help