Taking Raw materials from sales Items

Good evening ,

I’m new to Manager but I realised that when you create an inventory item and it is a raw material meant for producing goods they all appear in the items list when you are using either sales invoice or receipt. Can the raw materials be taken out of the inventory items meant for sales ?



No. Any inventory item can be sold.

That is not what we do. We buy the raw materials and put them together to form the product. we do not sell the raw materials so do not want to see them in the sales items in the sales invoice or receipt .


I understood what you meant. I meant that in Manager you cannot exclude any inventory item from the list when searching for an item to enter in a line item on a sales invoice or receipt (or other sales-related transaction).

When setting up the inventory i saw an option to select either raw material or finished goods which i think is a good feature which can use to fix this issue since we sell only finished products and not raw materials.

You are mistaken. There is no such option. You may be thinking of non-inventory items, which can be designated as available for purchase, sale, or both.

Via the Inventory Item codes you could group all the raw material inventory items at the bottom of the Inventory Items list, so that they don’t appear at the start of the Sales Invoice or Cash Receipts items list.

For example, if you use Fnn for the Finished Goods codes and Rnn for the Raw Materials codes then all the R’s will be listed below the F’s, so when creating a Sales Invoice if you enter a F first, then only Fnn items will be displayed.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to use codes, then you could use a Z character in front of the raw material inventory items as this lists them at bottom. Then when creating Production Orders, entering a Z first will remove finished goods from the items list.
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This Fnn and Rnn approach by use of Item Codes seems pretty nifty, both solving the dropdown and tagging the inventory items. I think having the possibility to sell raw materials might become handy at some later point in time for a production company although such scenario is not currently conceivable.

One thing to also keep in mind is non-inventory items do also enter the sales dropdown list like billable hours or lease agreements etc. They would then also need some letter, like N maybe…
Still searcing the dropdown list for names then raw materials might show up, but atlest they can be avoided as they are recognised by the Item code