Support channels for server/cloud versions?

I’ve been using manager desktop for several years but am in the position of needing multi user access. I’m thinking of upgrading to the server version but was wondering if there are any expanded support options for me if i do so?
There are a couple of things i’d like to do if i get the server version.

  • Is there a phone/email support option that you can get support from the developers themselves?
  • can i integrate a credit card payment screen?


Depends on your location. Some localities have support through resellers.

You can integrate a credit card payment screen, but that will be purely a client side development.

Is there documentation on how to do it?

I’m in the US, how do i find out if there is a reseller to work with?


Not in Manager. The payment processor should give you the code to the widget and, for now, you can use that in Themes – which is an Obsolete Feature that is soon to be replaced.

Just take a trial period of Manager Cloud and see if you get this button:

If you install the server edition, you are expected to have alk the IT support available either in house or via a third party

If you do not, then the cloud edition is probably more suitable