Supplier Outstanding Amount Issue

My situation is if i start new with manager (started 1st April 2015) and i have paid a supplier 50% deposit prior (on 27 March 2015) with the next 50% to be paid in June 2015 how would i record this?

I tried: Supplier credit of 50% (raised before 1 April 2015), raised an invoice for payment (before 1 April 2015) but the credit didn’t apply. I obviously cannot raise credit after 1 April 2015 as that will affect my current bank balance.

I tried: raising a purchase invoice (raised before 1 April 2015) and paying 50% before 1 April 2015 but that didn’t record against the purchase invoice raised.

If you want to set opening balance for purchase invoice, don’t do it through supplier credits.

  1. Simply go to Purchase Invoices tab
  2. Find the invoice on which you owed only 50% as at 01/04/2015
  3. Click on the amount under Balance due column
  4. Click Edit at opening balance transaction (which would indicate zero)
  5. Change the zero to 50% amount of the invoice (e.g 1,000).

Once you do it, the opening balance due on this purchase invoice will be 50% of the total invoice amount.

Thanks @lubos.

Manager is really fantastic! Thanks for your support. I am set up and ready to go :smile: