Supplier Credit and Customer Credits


Basically, you cannot. You could create a separate customer credits account, but it would have no connection to the customer’s accounts. And all customers would be lumped together, requiring you to maintain a separate ledger showing how much of the account’s balance belonged to each customer.

Your best options are those I already told you:

  • Customer statements of the Transaction type
  • Drilling down on the Accounts Receivable balance for the customer in Customers tab

All the information is there and easily obtained. It doesn’t show separately on the balance sheet, but is actually more usable for management decisions because you will see what each invoice, payment, refund, or credit was for.



Well it’s been many moons, much water under the proverbial bridge and quite a few software iterations, and this feature/process doesn’t appear to have changed.

I’m now helping a customer move over from another accounting package (no names mentioned) and his major concern right now is the ability to allocate bulk payments to specific invoices rather than having them “automatically top up” outstanding balances.

He has a number of customers who process their invoices asynchronously, so he might have issued invoices #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 and #6 to them (let’s for simplicity’s sake say that each invoice is for $100) and received a bulk payment for invoices #2, #4 and #5 only. Using the current “credit to customer rather than invoice” methodology, invoices #1, #2 and #3 would be cleared by Manager - giving an inaccurate overview as to which invoices have been paid.

Now if we were only dealing with a handful of invoices as given here, it would be relatively easy to simply enter receipts for each invoice separately - but in this case he’s dealing with dozens of invoices from one customer, so manual receipt-per-invoice entry would become rather tedious.

So… Is there any easier/quicker way to allocate receipts against specific outstanding invoices?

If not, the feature request component of my post would come in…

Given that Manager knows which customer the receipt is being created for (it will happily complete the “Payer” field based on partially-entered text), is there a possibility to make available a list of the outstanding invoices for that customer as a drop-down for the “Description” field?