Supplier Address not appearing

Dear Support,
Although we have created a purchase invoice and the supplier address shows properly. But on payment of the purchase invoice, the address information does not show on the payment printout/pdf.

We have gone through the link that of recording purchase but this time the payee is registered as a supplier in Manager and also coming through a purchase invoice. Why would it not show the address on the purchase ?


this request has been in the ideas category for a while now.

Currently, payments are not linked to suppliers directly. You are posting to Accounts payable, not the supplier.

Thanks for your response but I though account payables are for the suppliers? and if its a registered supplier in Manager, should it not show?

I agree with @sharpdrivetek that it should be considered for next update please as this has been raised earlier by other members on the forum.


I agree. I am the one who first suggested it and put it into the ideas category. The fact remains, however, that the feature does not currently exist.