Superannuation and the GST Calculation Worksheet

How do i NOT have superannuation (voluntary contributions) show up on the GST worksheet? If I have Superannuation as an Expense, it shows up as a non-capital purchase. If I enter Superannuation as a Liability it shows up as a Capital purchase.

No other liabilities show up on the BAS Worksheet, so why does Super? It throws all of the calculations off…

How can I fix this?

Only transactions on which you use GST tax code will show on BAS. How do you know it’s superannuation which shows up under BAS.

Can you open Tax Audit report and see break-down by accounts?


The first part of your answer gave me a light bulb moment and it is now fixed. I had entered the Super with the Tax Code “GST Free” rather than no Tax Code at all.

Changing that fixed it! Obvious in retrospect.


I still have this problem even though the line items in Payslips have tax set to “No Tax”

Version: 18.5.47

The payslips have…

Regular Wages (Description: Monthly Wages)  e.g. $100
Salary Sacrifice Superannuation (Description: Monthly Wages - Super Sacrifice)  e.g. 300

PAYG Income Tax  e.g. $30

Employer Contribution: 
Superannuation Guarantee (Description: Employer Super Contribution, 9.5% of Gross Pay) e.g. $38

The Payslip Items is set up as…

Payslip Earnings Items:
Regular Wages (Exp Acc: Wages & salaries)
Salary Sacrifice Superannuation (Exp Acc: Wages & salaries)

Payslip Deduction Items:
PAYG Income Tax (Exp Acc: Payroll liabilities)

Payslip Contribution Items:
Superannuation Guarantee (Exp Acc: Wages & salaries, Liability account: Payroll liabilities - Super)

Chart of Accounts Items…

Payroll liabilities - Super, No Tax

Wages & salaries (pre-set account, no option for tax code)

When the Super payment from the bank account is reconciled it’s marked as:

$300 Voluntary Super Sacrifice -> Employee Clearing Account (employee name), Tax: No Tax (Greyed out default value)
$38 Super Guarantee -> Payroll Liabilities, Tax: No Tax (Greyed out default value)

The Tax Audit report shows the Regular Wages + Super Sacrifice + Super Deductions total in the No Tax column in Expenses.

The Sum of the other columns “GST 10%”, “GST Free” and “GST Free Exports” adds up to what I expect to see at G11 in the BAS worksheet.

But G11 includes the items for Salary Sacrifice Superannuation + Superannuation Guarantee as non-capital purchases.

Is there something wrong with the account setup, or the way I’m booking the Payslip Items, or the way I’ve allocated the bank transaction?

Thanks in Advance

Compare your set up to the following example, review the guides - Set up payslip items | Manager and always allocate payments to the liability accounts.

Thanks Tony. I followed your advice and changed some items in the Chart of Accounts

… and the Payslip Items.

And changed payslips so that salary sacrifice for super is now a contribution (previously I had it under earnings).

The Bank Transactions for payments made to the super clearing house I separate into two line items:
Payroll Liabilities - Superannuation Super Sacrifice
Payroll Liabilities - Superannuation Guarantee

This makes the Payslip Summary report correctly for filling the BAS form (W1). And all those superannuation items are in the correct No Tax column of the Tax Audit report. However the (Super - Super/11) figure is still appearing with other expenses (GST/NoGST) in the Non-Capital Purchases G11 field of the GST Worksheet. It’s included at G14 Purchases without GST so it doesn’t mess with the actual GST on Purchases figure at G20. Still, it looks like I’m still doing something wrong.

@Furvy I don’t see how it’s possible what you are saying. GST Calculation Worksheet takes its figures from Tax Audit / Tax Summary reports.

What you claim is that figures on these reports are not consistent what’s on GST Calculation Worksheet ?

In other words, let’s start with Tax Summary report. G10+G11 are total purchases inclusive of GST. Does this figure equal to total purchases on Tax Summary report?

Thank @Lubos, you are correct, it wasn’t possible.

There was a tax payment in the period that I had mistakenly set with “GST Free” when reconciling in the Bank Account instead of leaving it as the default “No tax”. It was coincidentally for exactly the same dollar figure as the Super Payments less non-existent 10%GST that I mentioned. So I was on a wild goose chase. The GST worksheet didn’t allow me to drill down, but the Tax Summary did, and that’s how I found it. Thanks for pointing me in that direction. The Superannuation setup in Payment Items that @Tony had pointed me towards is working perfectly.