Suggestion of Update to Manager Software

I have a suggestion to make for manager update.

The suggestion I want to make is to add a feature that automatically enters bank charges on different payment methods.

Let me explain, suppose I have a client who bought items worth 40,000 and paid with POS(Credit or Debit Card), the bank who issued the POS machine automatically deduct their charges of about 1% of the total amount paid, in other words, the amount credited into my account does not tally with the amount the customer paid, thereby leaving me to go and calculate the percentage removed and add the amount as expense manually.

It will really help if we could have a box for the mode of payment in the receipt form, where we will be able to add our mode of payments and configure the percentage to automatically add as an expense into the Bank Charges expense account.

This will go a long way in reducing the number of manual entry of Bank commissions on payment methods and calculation of the percentage to deduct manually as well.

in case it is needed, we have a cloud subscription.

Thank you.

i can see the benefits of this.

@lubos would it be possible to implement this?
a suggestion would be to provide a checkbox for Bank Charges on the Payments & Receipts form similar to Discount in Sales Invoices. this would serve the needs of different users.

  1. with the Bank Charges option checked, the user can enter the percentage and let Manager add the value to the Bank Charges account.
  2. with the Bank Charges option unchecked, the user can continue the present practice of selecting the Bank Charges account as a line item and manually enter the value.

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Thanks. I forgot to remove it after pasting the message.

@Previsam - can you provide further information on how you process these transactions.

  1. The 40,000 as a Cash Sale (New Receipt) or Credit Sale (Sales Invoice)
  2. As an individual sale transaction or as part of a daily total of all sale transactions
  3. Do you have Cash as well as POS Card sales
  4. Do you process the cash sales the same way as the POS Card sales
  5. Do you use Cash Accounts as well as Bank Accounts

For every sales we generate invoice first then create receipt.

Example if a customer comes to buy item of 50,000 naira, first I will add the customer then create new invoice for the items sold for 50,000, after which I will generate receipt for that invoice if the customer paid, if not I will leave the invoice like that.

Cash and POS receipt are basically the same except for a custom field created with list of payment method which is going to be different for each payment methods and the account the money was paid into.

Since I am able to create custom field for my desired mode of payment, I was hoping it will be easier the just add like a percentage of the receipt generated as an expense under Bank Charges account depending on the payment method selected.

I know how to do this manually but imagine we have 100 customers a day and they all used POS which I will have to calculate the percentage needed as expense manually and also add to expense manually, It will become difficult to keep up with.

I hope you got my message now.

Thank you,


@Previsam, you do not need to perform the calculation outside Manager. You can enter the calculation directly into the unit price field for the bank charge line item. See

You can also define bank charges as non-inventory items, making it very easy and fast to add them. In fact, with your suggested approach, you would have two steps: (1) check the box for bank charges and (2) enter the percentage amount. With non-inventory item bank charges, you would also have two steps: (1) select the bank charge in the item dropdown field and (2) enter the calculation in unit price. See Note, for fixed charges like transaction fees, this approach is actually faster. The fee can be set when defining the non-inventory item, so only the first step is necessary.

You have two options, via individual transaction (regardless of the process) or globally.

By globally, you create a “POS Cash Account” which is used only for the receipts you generate for customers who are paying their invoice.

When the bank deposits those POS receipts into your bank account, they are allocated to a “Transaction Clearing” account. Then once a day / weekly etc, you do a POS Cash Account payment to the Transaction Clearing Account which equals that balance and put the differential to the bank charges.

So to illustrate, lets assume your 100 POS customers receipts accumulate to 50,000.
Therefore the balance of the POS Cash Account ='s (debit) 50,000
The bank has deposited into your Bank account 49,000.
Therefore the balance of the Transaction Clearing Account ='s (credit) 49.000

The POS Cash Account payment transaction would be.
POS Cash Account (credit) 50,000
Transaction Clearing Account (debit) 49,000
Bank Charges (debit) 1,000

If the bank deposited can’t be cleanly identified, then the “payment” could be a calculation and periodically, there maybe an adjusting entry required.