Streamline Sales/Payments

We do both re tail and wholesale sales. The vendors who purchase equipment from our wholesale arm are required to pay via PayPal or charge card - basically when the items are shipped. It is important to us to be able to track purchases by these customers.

So - here’s what I currently have to do:

  1. Create a Sales Invoice (can’t print this though since it shows it as unpaid at this point)
  1. Create a receipt for the invoice
  2. Go back into the Sales Invoice tab, locate the sale, view it and then print it now showing ‘Paid in full’.

The same thing applies to payments I want to track - i.e. Outbound Shipping (a COGS account in my system) could be USPS, UPS or FedEx and I need to easily be able to tell how much I’m spending with each when negotiating to get better rates with them.

IF you could add the ability to add a sale/payment made in the Payment/Receipt tab to a customer or supplier 's account, I’d be able to do everything in basically 1 step rather than 2 or 3. Perhaps a checkbox with Customer/Supplier which, when checked, would then tie that receipt /payment to the customer or supplier’s account?

With the growth of PayPal and charge card payment s from/to all kinds of customer/vendors, this seems like something you should consider.


Your suggestion is essentially the very first one put into the ideas category when it was created almost two years ago: Improvement to payment and receipt forms.

Absolutely. I responded to that post agreeing and was told that it was now a post about P&L Statements so my post made no sense. Obviously that thread had gone way off course.
So - here it is again, perhaps as a reminder to the programmer(s).

You could have two sales invoice themes, being a duplicate, but called wholesale and retail.
For the wholesale theme add a custom field and under Form Defaults have the text Paid in Full.

Perhaps they need to be Custom themes ?
Anyhow, saves you from having to do your steps 2 & 3 above.

This will not work. All themes for a sales invoice will have the same custom fields with the same content. Themes only change appearance/presentation, not content.

The issue @KrisK raises is not wholesale versus retail, but the ability to incorporate cash sale or purchase transactions into a customer’s or supplier’s record without an invoice, using only the receipt or payment.

You could create a custom theme and change the title to “Payment Receipt” and design it to appear as though it is paid in full. Understand, it will NOT be paid in full in Manager, it will only appear that way to the customer

This is how we handle our auto-pay customers on the first of the month. Once all invoices are sent out, we go back and actually post payments, but the customer does not see that.

If all you are worried about is the Paid in Full stamp, think about two other alternatives:

  • Eliminate it entirely by deleting those lines from the Plain theme. Think of all the sales invoices you receive that don’t have such a stamp or indication. Your own payment is proof you paid.
  • Switch to another built-in theme. They don’t include the Paid in Full or Overdue stamps.

Truly, this isn’t about just having a ‘Paid In Full’ stamp on an invoice and that would only fix 1 step of 3 and doesn’t cover the Suppliers issue at all.

This is simply about being able to use the New Payment/New Receipt function but have the Payer or Payee be able to be tied to a customer or supplier account. That way when a payment is taken or made immediately (a charge card, PayPal, etc.) you can do a single transaction to take care of it.

This is a feature request, not a look for a workaround request.

Are you creating invoices and receipts at the same time? If so why not just use a receipt and add the items to it rather than making an invoice and immediately posting a receipt to it?

One more time.

I want to keep track of total sales to certain customers or payments to certain vendors. The New Payment/New Receipt option does NOT add any transactions to either customers or suppliers account totals. Since I need to have a running total on business done with these customers/suppliers, it is useless for those transactions.

The only option, Currently, is to use a Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice, then immediately pay the invoice and then go back and print the invoice afterwards showing Paid In Full when a customer pays me via charge card or PayPal or if I pay a supplier the same way (which is 90% of my business and purchases).Then and only then does that transaction amount get added into the customer/supplier account.

If you don’t care how much money a customer has done with you during the year(s) or how much you’ve paid a particular supplier over the year(s) then the New Receipt/New Payment option works fine for immediate payments.

For my business it is very important to be able to keep track of how much a customer has spent with me. I’m trying to suggest what should be a not too difficult database update/option to be able to assign New Payments/New Receipts to a particular customer or supplier if so desired and lessen (by quite a bit) the amount of time I have to spend with each transaction.

Custom report allows you to group those sales by contact so long as they are entered the same each time. The drop down makes that part very simple. Here is just a quick sample I threw together to confirm that.

And that is the suggestion that is already in the ideas category.