Stock Summary Report

Hello Managers

Can i make a report its have stock summary of my invoices by invoice number

I create 25 invoices and want to accumolate stock summaray of 18 invoices by sequence invoice numbers.


What do you mean by “stock summary?” And why would you list invoices on it? If you want a list of invoices—sales invoices, I presume—just sort the Sales Invoices tab by the reference number and export.

If that is not what you are trying to obtain, please provide more information.

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I make invoices thay have lot of stock and delivery boys spend extra time to put out this stock

I want a report to stock name “pick list” to putout stock summary of selected invoices suppose my first invoice number is 1234 and the last is 1265

But i want to generate report by selection
invoice # 1238 to invoice # 1259

These 22 invoices have all stock in one summary to stock out from godown.