Stock Purchases

Hi, I am very confused!! I have made an expense account for ‘Stock’ when I look up the General Ledger it all comes up as Credits instead of Debits… My bank balances all match and appear as Debits on the accounts, can someone explain to me why the General Ledger is being so painful? Do I even need it!? Should I put my stock that the business purchases under another code?
Thanks in advance, GFG :smile:

For stock you should be using the inventory features, not an expense account. Read about inventory in the Guides.

Thanks Tut, if I do this will my general ledger be fixed? It says I have more money than what I actually do…

Isn’t the inventory for each stock item? I’m talking about the payment for the items from the Business Credit Card. I use my own stock control (I have over 200 products it would take me hours to enter it all) All I want to do is enter the expense for the stock so my profit and loss statements are correct and the general ledger

i believe if the stock is for own consumption then can make entry in expenses. if the same is for trading or for manufacturing new item then have to be handled through inventory tab.

irrespective of how many products are available you can import them. just make the data in excel in single shot.

I do not understand what your problem is exactly, @GFG. In your first post you said your bank balances all matched. Now you say your general ledger says you have more money than you do. Can you be more specific about what you think is wrong? Can you provide an example of what you mean? And when you refer to the general ledger, are you speaking of the Summary page, or something else? Thanks.

Sorry I’m confused. i think I’ve worked it out … stock is an expense to my business so i put it in there first, then i add the stock to the inventory and it becomes an asset (so i enter it twice) my credit card is my liability and so far my bank balances match. Do i enter a opening balance for the credit card or leave it at zero and -$2200 for the reconciliation? This is the stock card i make my purchases on :wink:


If you had a credit card balance on your start date for Manager, you should create an opening balance. If you happened to owe zero on your start date, no need to do anything.

Ok. Do i still enter Stock as expense and then inventry as asset

No only add stock in inventory, when you sell the stock it will be expensed.
If you have added stock as an expense already, when you sell the stock it will double up your expense.

Ok, so when I enter the purchase of stock for my banking I put the invoice under inventry?

if the goods are meant for trading or manufacturing then you have to enter in inventory. if goods are meant for only internal consumption then you have enter in expenses only. because in inventory it will always show the quantity and value in books and will become an asset in your books. for example office stationary cannot be entered in inventory but only in expenses.

@GFG, it sounds like you may be new to the principles of double-entry accounting. Most of your questions have nothing to do with Manager. I suggest the web site It’s free and quite comprehensive, with good, simple examples that make sense for small businesses.

Use stock when you consider what you purchase an asset and wish to track the quantity on hand. Upon purchase the entry is Dr Stock (Asset) /Cr Cash or Accounts Payable

If you later consume later sell the inventory item great. There are two entries from a sales invoice:
Dr Receivables / Cr Revenue @ Sales price and Dr Cost of Goods Sold (inventory purchases)/ Cr Inventory at Average cost

If you consume it for your own purposes, instead of using a sales invoice, enable and use Inventory Write off’s. This enables you to reduce the on hand quantity making an entry to Dr Expense account of your choice / Cr Inventory.