Inventory at hand

I have created several inventory items and categorised them as expenses. The challenge is that when I spend money, item and account columns appear. When I click on item, eg fuel, which is an expense Item, what appears in the account column is inventory at hand, and not the expense account under which the expense item falls. When you click on create, the transactions will show in the daily transactions report but will not reflect in the Expenses in the summary section/page. Kindly explain

You should not use inventory items for general expenses like Fuel. Go to chart of accounts and create your expense accounts there in the profit and loss section.

Inventory items are for physical items that you buy and sell like apples and computers etc.

I would also suggest that you read the guides on using Manager as this will help you to understand how the program works as it far better to get things setup correctly from day one than to have to change everything at the everything at the end of the year when your accountant says that you have not set the accounts up in the correct accounts.

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Thanks for the clarification.