Stock movment report


I need a report that shows the item code, item Name, unit, Qty on hand, stock value
parameter should be as of given date.

i tried to create the report as customized but could not get all the fields
i tried the stock movement report but it give only items with movements (purchase or sales)

please help.


Did you find a solution for this? I would like to see stock movement for all items (not just items where there has been movement). If not possible then to get a stock report of all items for a specific date. If I use the report “inventory quantity by location” it only works on the current day, I can’t look at a specific date in the past.

Yes it is, if you are talking about inventory items that are in stock on a particular date.

If todays date is Feb 20, and you want a stock valuation report for Dec 31, then set the Summary tab to be up to Dec 31, clicking on the Inventory-on-hand balance will list the inventory making up that valuation, including stock items that haven’t had a movement in the past year or more.

Albeit, this only gives you inventory values, not quantities unfortunately.