Startup Costs entries

I would like to know how do I capture startup costs for a new business. My expenses are mainly Purchse of Assets, Registration/license fees, Refurbishment cost and Stock purchase. How do I post these in Manager against Equity (source of funds is owners injection)

These are not questions about Manager. They are basic accounting questions. The answers depend on where the funds came from, who paid expenses, legal structure of the business, whether there was a prior accounting system, etc. Whatever your situation, it is unlikely that you will be posting directly to any equity account. But whatever is required, Manager will handle it. You need to furnish much more information. First, however, you should spend some time reading the Guides to familiarize yourself with Manager’s features. Create a test business and experiment. Then come back with specific questions, based on your exact situation.

And you may want to consult a local accountant who knows the local fiscal laws?

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