Starting of Fixed Assets Entries

Cloud Edition
As mentioned on the Guides, I enabled the Fixed Assets.

On the left menu bar, the “Fixed Assets” tab is now active.

But non of the four are visible in the summary page/chart of accounts ( Fixed assets, at cost, Fixed assets, accumulated depreciaiton, Fixed assets - depreciation, Fixed assets - loss on disposal)

I’m not sure may be it is already created(hidden) and be visible after first asset created.

Enter a fixed asset and they become visible, as happens with most options in Manager. Can you try it and post a screenshot after doing so?

Thank you @Mark, once I create an asset then the Fixed assets, at cost, Fixed assets, accumulated depreciation on the balance sheet side and Fixed assets - depreciation on the P&L side became visible. But when I delete the asset it became non-visible again.

I’m setting up new chart of account. I wanted to rename, create groups and accounts inside the fixed asset.
To do that; I think first create a dummy asset, and do all the changes in the chart of account, then once finalize the chart of account, change the dummy asset to a real one.

Is this the correct way (while create chart of account) or is there any easy way anyone can suggest me?

You are advised to create custom control accounts in setttings. See Add custom control accounts | Manager

Thank you @eko, I’ve done the way you suggested sometimes before for another business, while I create this new business I didn’t think of that way. I’ll try your suggestion now.

@Shan, read the Guide:
Build a chart of accounts | Manager.

It explains the concept of using dummy entries as you set up your chart of accounts.