Starting date?

Where can I find the link for setting the starting date? The instruction tells me to searh with the Settings tab, but I don;t see any possibility to enter any date. The lack of a starting date could that also involve the impossibility to enter assets in foreign currency? i mean enter from another administration?

In the latest version, it’s no longer required to enter start date. Every account can have starting balance. So just establish your starting balances without start date and see if you come across any issues (you shouldn’t)

The issue I still have is that I don’t see any possibility to enter the values of our assets in foreign currenciy. We had a priori administration and the starting balances of our assets is notated in euro;s as our local currency is surinamese dollar. So how can I fix it?

Why do you require fixed assets to be in foreign currency?

As far as I know, accounting standards say that fixed assets accounts should be always in base currency (even if purchased in foreign currency).

The reason for this is so subsequent fluctuation in exchange rates do not affect book value or depreciation.