Starting balance for fixed assets

I am struggling with Assets. Probably because i know nothing of accounting. The Manager program is mostly very easy to understand and basic day to day operations seem easy enough. I have created a test business to test all the different functions that i would be using. I cannot however for the life of me figure out how to add existing assets to manager. I mean I can easily add a new fixed asset and make new payment. I just cannot find a way to add “old” asset and add the acquisition cost without having to make a new payment entry. This is not helping me either as my add fixed asset tab/page does not have starting balance options below the description box. The fixed asset help page also does not indicate adding old assets at all. Can someone please help me with this, Thank you in advance

Try to make a Journal Entry

Thank you, I have with trial and error managed to get it right, I think. Journal entry for to add asset, at cost and then depreciation entry for accumulated depreciation.

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