Started a new Pvt. Ltd. Company in India

Hi everyone. I’ve started a Pvt. Ltd. Company in India with Authorised & Paid-up Capital is 1,00,000 INR. There are total 2 members (Me & My Friend) who are the shareholders as well as directors. I’ve 54% shares while my friend has 46% of the total shares. How to feed this initial data into Manager. Share price is 10 INR each. Please help!

please read the below guides.

I did read but still confused. :frowning:

As it explains in the two guides you were pointed to

Setup Capital Subaccounts - one for you, one for your friend
Setup a bank account
Enter two bank receipts - one for you and one for your friend

You might like to read the guides again - and also brush up on accounting as without a little accounting knowledge, you will struggle to understand the use of capital accounts