Start-up Manager Software Consultant

I’ve used QB for many many years. They have convinced me they no longer want my business. I’m interested in transitioning to Manager Desktop for my simple bookkeeping needs (no payroll, credit cards, invoices etc.)

Where may I look for and hire a Manager expert to consult on my transition from QB and get me up and running on Manager?

Thank you,

Ted Kalota

There are no such sanctioned experts. But you can try forum members who identify themselves as accountants. There is, however, no guarantee they possess skills beyond what is available in the Guides. Begin with the First Steps topics in the Guides. If you have any accounting knowledge, you should not have trouble.

You will discover there are very few such forum members in your country, despite there being more users there than anywhere else.

I would start by

  • Read through the table of contents of the Guides so you know what information is readily available. Read specific guides later as your needs develop. Guides | Manager

  • Download the desktop version and install it on your computer (it’s free) Download | Manager

  • Create several test businesses to try out chart of account structures, data entry, and reporting options. Again you can create as many business as you like for free.

  • Ask specific questions on the forum if you need guidance. Upload screen shots from your test business to demonstrate any issue you have encountered.

  • It is easiest to transition between accounting packages at the start of a financial period. Importing historical data is possible but requires more work that relying entirely on your old program for historical data.