Spare parts store

i have a big factory , and want to make store for spare parts on system . making the store is easy but how can i issue items from store to production lines (its cost center)?

Read these

at first thx a lot about your reply ,
i read what you sent up , and tried the way through production order but the debit side didnot came true , the credit side is true .
so how can i do the debit side well?

What do you mean by the debit and credit side?

Show screen images of the Edit screen of the transactions that you think are not working the way you expect

when i choose the account from this list , it must the amount for spares go to it. but when i tried it i didnot go well . and i saw down this list with red circle that "this account be when i issue sales " , but as i said before i want to issue for maintenance not sales .

First of all, a custom expense account is where the purchase cost will be posted when you buy, not when you sell.

Second, a custom account—for either income or expense—is not an inventory location. Read about those here: Use inventory locations | Manager.

Third, @Joe91 asked to see the Edit screen of a production order that was not being handled correctly. Instead, you showed the Edit screen for an inventory item.

Fourth, if you are going to track spare parts used for maintenance (not production) as inventory, the way to record their use is with an inventory write-off. See Write off inventory | Manager.

Fifth, nothing you have written so far suggests you need to have a separate inventory location for spare parts. Inventory locations are for separate storage locations. It sounds like all your inventory and spare parts are in the same location. But sometimes, you use parts for maintaining equipment in the factory rather than producing finished goods or selling to customers. You just need a way to get the spare parts out of your inventory without a sale. That method is the inventory write-off.

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thanks so much , i already tried inventory write off and this solved the matter.