Spare Part/Time management - Project Costing Management

I own an automotive workshop and I was searching for a way to…
a) Write any time I spend me and my mechanics fixing various customer machines
b) Take note of what spare parts were used
c) And all these without using the invoice function.

Can all this be done?


“The Custom Headers in Offers can be used to track projects” TM

Naming the Custom Header, “Repairing Jobs & Parts” or something equivalent like “Project” , you can now track it easily and still remember that this is an ongoing Project, and not an offer.

Next update:
@lubos makes it so the custom headers will be visible at the Sale Offer page, so we can order them by that as well!


To do these - use a job card
a) Write any time I or my mechanics spend on fixing various customer machines
b) Take note of what spare parts were used

When the repair is finished - use the Job Card to create the Invoice

As for the next update, @lubos probably already has his priorities

Ofcourse he has, my post had a rather informative AND humoristic side.

I only think that job cards just double the work, so I tried to be inventive with the tools in hand.

Job cards can be carried around the workshop and can be used at the vehicle very efficiently, otherwise mechanics have to do what (?) to record their information. Perhaps when Manager has a smartphone app, then the job card can become electronic.

That requires mechanic to:

Know the product number, or all mechanics to have the same way they call it.
What would you do with used spare parts?

Really depends on how your operation functions: the two common alternatives are

  1. The parts required are assembled, recorded and issued to the mechanic, or
  2. The mechanic sources the parts directly, therefore
    For common parts, these can be noted as they are removed from stock shelves as they are generally marked on the packaging. Oils etc. are noted by there grade. For specific parts, they can be noted from the delivery docket

That’s called training. The pre-printed job card with its designed layout should guide the mechanic

If you are buying them in, exactly the same process as new spare parts.
If you mean re-using them internally from one vehicle to another ?
If the first customer is receiving a credit - process as a sales adjustment (this will update stock qty)
If the first customer is not receiving a credit - adjust the stock qty but with zero value

Or nothing as no financial transaction is involved and charge out as a non-inventory item