Sort order of PO Numbers and Invoice Numbers

I use Manager for both my business and home accounting.

I am finding that especially for home accounting where I use a sequential number for each purchase invoice the sort order is based on date going upwards, then based on purchase invoice going downwards if more than one invoice is issued on same date.

Would it not be possible to arrange the order of the purchase orders and Purchase invoices in order of entry going upwards even if on the same date (with the exception of unpaid invoices obviously).

I know that I have been told I should be using the suppliers invoice order number in the reference and not mine. This does not apply for home accounting so I use my own sequential invoice numbering and for the business, I prefer to put my invoice number in the reference field so when I print out a hard copy its much easier for me to track invoice 1, invoice 2, invoice 3 etc. I put the suppliers invoice number in additional details field.

If you look at the pictures, you will see the numbers are not sequential going up or down.

Fixed in the latest version (15.3.47)

Thank you. I will update immediately. :smile: