Small layout suggestion

hi…the software is too good and simple to use and above all its FREE. :clap:
and i have a small suggestion for the layout…while using the software…i have to scroll sideways (left & right) to edit the sale/purchase invoice…as the TABS on the left hand side take the space on the screen. So my suggestion is to move the TABS from left to the TOP so the sideways scrolling is eliminated and the software becomes more fast to work with.

The scrolling issue has been raised before. I have no doubt that the developers will look into the matter once they have completed other things on the roadmap. Your suggestion is good, other ideas have been a collapsible menu bar on the LHS or using CSS coding to detect size of screen and show forms based on screen size.

The one problem with your suggestion is that the menu bar would be less readible. Its much quicker to read a list down than a list across.

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