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Hi everyone,

Is there a way to adding to signature column one is from me and the other from customer

Approved customer

Wahyu dodo

Any help would be appreciated


oh i am sorry i forgot

how to make like this

Try using custom fields. I made somthing simmilar for my credit notes. I stacked it on top since it was easier for me…

Read the Guide on HTML in custom fields. There is an example.

Yes, you can add a signature at the bottom of the page. What’s normally people do. All the best!

i know how to make one signature… what i want to is to make 2 signature. one from me and one for my customer. i have tried but it will be on the bottom. how to make with 2 same column

@Wahyu_Kurniawan, now you are asking for coding instruction. That is not what this forum is for.

take a look at my picture first the one that i circled.
let’s say i use drop down list for custom field
like this

your faithfully



if i am adding another custom field the result will be

your faithfully



Confirmation of order

Company stamp

sorry for my bad english. hope that you know what i mean

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