Showing discounts separately

When I receipt a payment and there is a discount involved .i enter the discount as a negative amount on the invoice
When you look at the invoice it shows the whole amount that has been credited
Is it possible to show the amount paid and the discount separately

This was actually discussed earlier today in this topic:

I suggest searching the forum before starting new topics. Many questions have already been answered. So it is better to join an ongoing discussion or simply find your answer than start a new topic. If you have a question unrelated to other topics, that is the time for a new one.

If the discount is a payment discount (not on the original invoice) rather then a sales discount (on the original invoice) then you shouldn’t be going back and changing the invoice, refer to above linked topic for payment discount processing.

thanks for reply
not sure if i am dumb but I do not see "the “above linked topic for payment discount processing”

You may have browser issues. Your latest response appears to be some kind of plain text rather than being in the Forum’s normal format.

If you can see my initial response to your first question, I included a link to a topic on this forum. The blue title “Discount System…” is the hyperlink @Brucanna was referring to.