Shipping expense

How should a shipping expense be considered? It isn’t really an expense because the customer pays for the shipping, on the other hand, it isn’t an income.

There are a couple ways.

  1. Treat the expense as a disbursement under the Disbursements tab. This capability is still in development and there is no Guide for it. But this tab is really more for things like travel expenses. The advantage of using this tab is that Manager will handle things if you mark up the shipping expense. The disadvantage is Disbursements isn’t quite ready for general use. Some people are using it and providing feedback.

  2. Enter it as an expense when you incur it, under an account named something like Shipping Expenses. Then, when you invoice, simply add a line to the invoice, crediting the shipping expense account. This will transfer the expense to Accounts Receivable. What is left in the Shipping Expense account, if anything, would be expenses associated with running your business, rather than shipping expenses for customer shipments. If you create a separate account for customer shipping expenses, nothing will be left in the account after all have been invoiced.

How do I get to the disbursements tab?

Read the Guide, which should always be your first resource when you have a question about Manager:

I read the guide and tried on my manager but I don’t see anything about disbursements

If you are delivering goods and charging for shipping, don’t use Disbursements tab. Simply create an income account called Delivery charges and allocate the delivery amount charged to customers to this income account.

@lubos’ way is another. His recommendation covers invoicing and allocating the income. You also need an expense account for when you pay the shipping company.

The Disbursements tab isn’t covered by Guide instructions yet. When I said to read the Guide, I was only answering your question about how to get to that tab. You customize the left navigation pane by clicking on the blue word “Customize” at the bottom. Then check the box for Disbursements and click Update. That’s how you enable any of the tabs other than the default ones.

Thanks, it seems like the problem was that I had an old version of Manager, so that’s why I couldn’t find the disbursements tab. Now I upgraded and now I have it.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not seeing “Disbursement” in customize window.

That tab has been depreciated, so those processes are now done by other Manager features

Your post shows the problems of reviving a topic almost a year and a half old. Disbursements was renamed as Billable Expenses long ago. Read about it in the Guides: