Shipping costs = Freight-in

Sales invoice editor. Freight costs are determined by ticking the Freight costs box within the drop-down lists below the Sales Invoice main box, then a sub-drop-down list appears with two options
The first is automatic distribution
The second is manual distribution
Freight-in = freight costs
automatic distribution

What are you referring to? None of the following exist in the program:

  • Tab editor
  • Freight-in icon
  • Buy and Sell Prices tab
  • Buy and Sell Order tab
  • Buy and Sell Invoice tab
  • Item categories
  • Elements

If you have a suggestion to make, please use terminology from the program.

What does this mean? And what is the use case?
Aren’t these program terms
------- :point_down:
Manual customization
------------. :point_down:
Automatic freight-in distribution

Yes, but I did not include those in my list of 7 unexplained terms and phrases you used. And you did not use either of those phrases in your post. So I repeat: what are you referring to?