Shipping cost sub-accounts possible?


I want to track the different types of shipping costs we have. Right now we have non-inventory items for the various shipping fees, but all go into the shipping cost expense account.

Would it be possible to create sub accounts under Shipping Cost, and have shipping cost show the total of those accounts?


Shipping Cost: $4500

  • James delivery: $500
  • Container freight: $2000
  • ABC Fulfillment: $2000

Yes, under Settings - Chart of Account

  1. Create a New Group called Shipping Costs with Group allocation matching the current location of the Shipping Cost expense account.
  2. Edit the existing Shipping Cost expense account by re-naming to “James Delivery” and change group allocation to Shipping Costs.
  3. Create new accounts for the other “sub-accounts” with the group allocation being Shipping Costs

Then they should appear as per your sample above

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