Setting up Opening Balance resets all payments


When I enable the option “opening balance”, and set the date as: 01-01-2015, everything is set to zero. That is what I expect, so far so good. But also all the payments for debtors and creditors are reset. If I understand this correctly, all the single payments need to be assigned to the invoices again.

My first guess is that I am doing something wrong. Can someone tell me if I need to re-assign all payments, or else what I am doing wrong?

I am quite new to Manager, so maybe I can still use my rookie credits…


What basically happens is that when you enable “opening balances” as at 01/01/2015… all transactions recorded prior this date will be ignored (I’m planning some improvements to make this more obvious).

The reason behind that is that opening balances are opening balances. Prior transactions are therefore invalid.

So the question is, why do you have transactions recorded before 01/01/2015 if you want to establish opening balances as at 01/01/2015?