Setting up a Credit Card

I can’t seem to find a tutorial or guide to set up a credit card. Please link me if there is one.
From the forums I am still a confused.

A step by step would be great including how to set it up and in which section, how to record a starting balance. How to record payments into the card from my usual business bank account and how to record CC purchase with GST that is claimed on the quarterly BAS.

In essence I never use a credit card as true credit, Balances are paid off each month so I use it like a normal bank account - funds go out and by the end of the month the funds are replaced. Mainly using it for reward points.

Cheers for any help!

I’m not sure what search you did, but if you search this forum for “credit cards,” you’ll find the following answer:

Accounting for Credit Cards - #2 by Brucanna

Duly chastised. Missed that one.